What Sets Us Apart

Just Like Home

When you enter our office to us it's more than that, you enter our home. To us, this means that we want you to feel at ease and cozy. We have a modern practice in a space triple the size it was in before. We have designed our waiting room to feel more like a living room. This includes a working gas fireplace for those cold snowy days. Your presence brightens our day and the doctor and staff will genuinely ask you about your activities and lives. When you enter our home, you are family and cared for the same.

High Quality Care

We are committed to providing you the best oral health care available. We also want to offer options and services that are exact matches for your situation. By offering things such as removable appliances and early treatment, we have found that we can make your orthodontic experience smooth and even pleasant. Dr. Miller and our staff take time to get to know you so that they can accurately advise you on your treatment options. We are especially happy when we can do early treatments to fix problems before they become bigger problems and require more extensive treatment.


Our quality of treatment extends to all people and schedules. We are available from some very early mornings into the middle of the evening. Our scheduling department will work closely with you to find a time that impacts your schedule outside of our office as little as possible. It is also important to us that our services are accessible to people no matter what their physical or mental condition. We have the capability to treat people in wheelchairs, and those with mental or behavioral needs.

Community Involvement

We feel blessed to be part of your lives and gladly do what we can to give back to the surrounding community. We have staff active in the Girl Scouts, Dr. Miller has coached sports at CMS the local middle school, and staff pioneered a winter “Night Out” program in Lee. Through it, it provided fun activities and care for school aged children so that their parents can go out for a night, or go shopping at Christmas time. We support the local Boy Scouts, the boosters for our patients' teams and activities, the Dover Youth Recreation fields, and even sponsored mission trips to Africa, twice!

Finances Made Easy

We stand by our work and its necessity for happy, healthy living. Our finance team will find a way to make our treatment available to you without breaking your pocket book. We have financial advice on how to save money during treatments, work closely with insurance providers to get you every last penny, and offer interest free financing. We will see that your finances are not a point of stress.

Available for Emergencies

Our absolute rule of thumb is that we will always make time for you when you are in pain or have a complication with an appliance or your braces. We are always available by phone and can even help you with a temporary solution to relieve your pain or appliance issue until you can make time to come in. Dr. Miller has driven from Vermont to the New Hampshire seacoast and then to Dartmouth for an emergency! He will do whatever it takes to see that your treatment progresses accordingly.

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